i AM a dedicated student of holistic therapies and and esoteric practices. i AM in constant awe of the innate wisdom that exists in the interweave of body, mind, and breath. I deeply feel the attunement and integration of this trifecta allows us to remember the essence self. Each session with Trifecta Healing is an opportunity to unbind and unpack the countless layers that are holding you back from your deepest awakening. 


My personal practice developed through an alignment based perspective of hatha yoga, massage therapy, and the pursuance of a masters degree in psychology. Each dive led to a deeper curiosity of the physical body and it's interface with emotion, thought, and experience. The physical practices led to an exploration of the ways in which trauma and repetitive patterns affect emotional reactivity and manifest into physical holding patterns in the body.


Through movement, touch, breath, and verbal expression we work together to find the alignment of your clearest state of being. I am a strong advocate of expressing all the edges and imperfections that uniquely craft your most integrated being. i AM eternally humbled to be invited on each journey of self exploration and healing.


Through the integration of body, mind, and breath we work together to root, release, and remember the essence self.