Goodness, if ever there was the most elusive question in my life it would be this....where is home? They say it's where the heart lives. So I suppose I should feel at home everywhere, but truth is it's felt pretty elusive most of my life. My heart, it seems, is but a gypsy's soul.


This space is a dedication to all the ways in which I bring myself back. An homage to Being. Capturing the ways in which I, one tiny imprint on this whole thing, keep remembering to Be. Freely.


At any given moment you may find me: 

  • Dancing when spirit calls. anywhere. ANYTIME.

  • Putting my feet in the earth. Or the sand. Or the sea. Naked feet. Naturally.

  • Reconnecting to breath when I realize the mind is taking over. Still waters run deep but a work in progress I Be.

  • Inviting all the parts and pieces of me to take up space, softly.

  • Little people eating so much food. Trademarked. More to come...

  • Meeting and loving my shadow(s) again and again.

  • Aiding other's journey through this thing called life.

  • Holding space,

  • Showing up,

  • Challenging self and others to feel. freely.

  • Dreaming

  • Creating.

  • Writing.

  • Remembering.

  • i Be. writing. and singing my way through this world. Remembering you. And me. And the unconditional love that is at the heart of we.