Bodywork: Intuitively guided sessions incorporating energetic and physical practices to identify and clear blockages in the system and guide the whole being back into equilibrium.

60 minutes: 80.00

75 minutes:  100.00

90 minutes: 120.00

Yoga: Individual and small group classes that utilize the breath as our continual point of reference. Each session is uniquely crafted to meet the particular needs of your body, mind, and breath. Approaches may consist of alignment based hatha yoga, restorative/yin practices, or a more active vinyasa style depending on the energetic needs of any given day. In both individual and small group sessions hands on assisting and integrative bodywork are integrated creating a nurturing and supportive practice.

Individual sessions: 50.00/ 75 minutes

Small group: Contact for more information 

Coaching: Coaching sessions are a one to one invitation to reconnect with the deep well of wisdom within that is your own unique guide. Together we will work to unbind the patterns and stories held deep within to heal and integrate the myriad parts of self. Through reflective listening and intuitive guidance I will journey with you on the path of uncovering self and all the intricate pieces that make you perfectly imperfect.

60 minute sessions: 80.00

* Because I believe in the power of integrative practices, coaching sessions often will incorporate movement and bodywork to aid in a deeper understanding of and connection to self.

Embodiment School Moon Meditations:

Daily meditations to reconnect you with the cycles of the moon and the natural time that keeps us in synchronic flow.

Design: New moon circle launch each month designed to connect with community and set an intention for the coming cycle. Live on zoom with recording available for 48 hours.

Daily meditations sent via what's app group each morning for your listening convenience.

Full moon circle to connect with community and move through a ritual practice to release and open space for greater flow of intention and action. Live on zoom with recording available for 48 hours.

Each month is themed and builds on knowledge of the moon, the signs, and their energetic frequency.

Investment: 44.00/month